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Bute & Co branding

It's finally time to share the exciting branding project I've been working on with Hotel Indigo in Cardiff, Wales. (Yes, a fair trek from little old NZ!)

This was a very loose and fun brief from the client:

It will be a "hip" Welsh coffee shop and sandwich bar. Marquess of Bute is a famous title and the family that owned most of Cardiff and through the industrial revolution transformed it into the City it is today. Other than that I will leave to your imagination, I would like the logo to be a sheep - not sure how that will work... ?"

(The hotel has an iconic little sheep dude in their foyer). An interesting one for sure.

So this is a snippet of the resulting moodboard, as well as some imagery from the shop design proposal, all of which dictated the feel and colour palette for the brand.

The result, a playful logo bringing together regal elements associated with the Bute name and the Welsh sheep character already present at the adjoining Indigo Hotel.

The composition is strong and execution is soft, rounded and friendly, so the identity feels confident but welcoming.


My comprehensive style guide (which comes with all full branding packages) specifies usage in detail, so the brand is protected if it needs to be applied by other designers and printers.


The POS and signage are predominantly black and gold, keeping the branding personality varied but tied in.

Keycard offers for the hotel guest

Digital billboard graphic to build awareness of the opening

Aboard graphics announcing the opening.

It's great seeing the brand come to life via their social media posts Instagram and facebook

I couldn't exactly expense a trip to Wales for this project but, frankly, there was no need. This project goes to show that when it comes to design, location doesn't matter - your design person can be anywhere in the world and still bring your vision to life.

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