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Grow Your Business Online - logo design and branding breakdown.

Meet the new branding for my latest client, a service of Green Fern Software Ltd which specialises in creating websites for small businesses in New Zealand to help them grow their sales.

I was briefed to create some branding for this, which was an interesting challenge for a company with a long name. But this was a key element to play on as its domain name is the service name, and makes for excellent SEO. For this reason I didn't break it up, rather kept it's 'domain' vibe, but pulled the letters as close as comfortable, using caps to help each word stand out. 'Online' was given a different treatment to add interest to the word that needed to connect the most and give, what could be static feeling type, some momentum.

The icon communicates taking a business in its early stages and expanding its presence

online into full bloom. The ripple like outer rings speak of growth, expansion and global

connection whilst also representing a wifi/mobile symbol without being too obvious. Similarly the centre of the icon is reminiscent of a computer ‘on’ symbol - pressing go on

your business!

Colours were derived from a colour-board bringing together relevant images in nature, classic New Zealand natural landscapes that speak to lines of connection and images representing global, digital expansion. The decision to meet in the middle of blue and green was a logical solution - green itself emphasised the plant aspect too obviously and there was a danger on first impression this logo could be about gardening, too blue and our plant didn't make sense.


Print advert for Building Today's magazine


As part of my full branding package, a full and comprehensive styleguide was supplied to the client. Now the brand is being rolled out across the website, stationery, print and web media. Feedback from the client was great - job done!

Thanks for all your work on this, I am really happy with how it has turned out and everyone I have shown likes it to.
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