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Connectd Co is a new comer and disrupter in the export consultancy market, consisting of a powerhouse duo Rebecca Brook & Emma Dunstone-Brown. With one based in NZ and one based in the US, these two partner with NZ brands to successfully grow their businesses in North America.

This clean and clear logo speaks to their company vision, and target market of health and wellness, using dynamic negative space to create a mirroring C and D. These optically circulate, connecting with one another, bookending the logo like the two of them, bookending the process in each country. With a keen focus on a future proofing growth mindset, the letter forms dynamically move and shape themselves like innovative ideas with energy and purpose, yet together bring equilibrium and balance.

The colour palette is refreshing and uplifting, with the teals and sunrise hues reminding us of NZ skies and water, but also the dawn of a hopeful new day, a new era for their clients.

The graphic shapes that make up the C & D work together in other orientations to create a set of supporting graphics which further communicate company messaging; soaring success, networking, connection, health and wellness, a gateway...

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