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Creative Bridge stands for  connection; An easy vibe between designer and client, intuitive understanding of your brief and strategic design connecting with your customers.

University educated with 20 years of international experience, the service I offer is polished, friendly and efficient. I've worked at all stages of the design process - creative concept through to complex print ready files - so I'm always thinking creatively but critically about the best solution for you. My work has appeared on BBC TV, I've designed stationery for a celebrity wedding and had Johnny Depp personally sign off an exclusive packaging design for one of his films. These are some career highlights which I'm proud of and are part of what lead me to leave a London agency and start Creative Bridge.

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Regular client testimonial...

We used to run all of our design work through a large design and print company. It was fine, however depending on what other work they had on at the time the turnarounds were very inconsistent. Their design team also had strict 9 – 5 hours, so if you needed something done urgently overnight it wasn’t going to happen. Bridget seems to run flexible work hours, often working at night which suits us working in a fast-paced retail environment with ad-hoc urgent jobs popping up. If something was urgent, I would let Bridget know and it would be in my inbox in the morning.
However, the best thing about working with Bridget is using her experience and creative input. Quite often I would roughly brief a job that I would have a visual of in my head, but is hard to communicate via email. Bridget generally understands what I am asking for first time, supplies the job with quick turnaround and additional concepts based on her suggestions, which most of the time are better than what we had originally had in mind. With this, my briefs to Bridget have become more vague overtime, as I know she understands our brand and it’s in our best interests to use her creative experience and flair whenever we can. This is something that I didn’t rely on with the previous design and print company, there were often frustrations and multiple back and forth communication until we would have to settle on a design as we would run out of time.
Bridget has consistently produced great bespoke creative for our national and local campaigns, keeping things fresh and exciting for our customer while still staying true to our brand.
Bridget is also very transparent with the time that she works as well. If something only took her 20 minutes she would only charge for 20 minutes. Where as other designers that I have worked with have a minimum fee regardless of the job.  I really enjoy working with Bridget and feel she is a real asset to the marketing side of our business.

Matt Fleetwood - Marketing Manager Foodco NZ

Image by Alexander Grey


Below are a few clients I have, or have had, the privilege of working with...

New Zealand
Muffin Break
Jamaica Blue

Paint Plus
Paper Plus
Bakers Delight
Early Settler
Columbus Coffee

Te Tuhi
Arts Out East
Mrs Mac’s Pies
Joe's Garage
Sierra Coffee

Ziba Creative
Better Me
Montana Wines
Allied Domecq

United Kingdom
BBC Advertising
Barclays Bank
Kerbisher & Malt
AMT Coffee
Patisserie Valerie
Duchenne UK
Holiday Inn

RR Donnelly
Mend Assembly

White paper

I also do white paper work with other creative & marketing agencies. Side-kicking comes in all forms! Get in touch if you need urgent ad hoc work, or someone you can rely on to support you in busy times.

Beachlands, Auckland

+64 21 668 551

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