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Better decision making

Ascenza is a New Zealand born and bred consulting company. Their mission is to be New Zealand's provider of choice for business case development & benefits-led services. They bring fresh thinking to help you plan the execution of complex strategies.

So why the Tui?

This brand is about trust, guidance & success. The Tui represents precision, integrity and NZ. He interacts with the logo and Tane Mahuta (the tallest Kauri tree) to represent ascension, robust, positive outcomes and strategy. The Tui is looking for his next opportunity to soar. Quietly confident. No big show needed. 

Colour palette is masculine, approachable, serious and elegant with the blues communicating fiscal responsibility. The capitalised font communicates confidence and experience and the classic serif accents give a branch like feel for the Tui to perch proudly on. 

I also created the website for Ascenza, rejigging the proposed one to be more digestible and allowing the branding to 'sing' a little more.

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