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Local Beachlands based web designers, Elevate, already had a great starting point with an inspiring name which for obvious reasons, has not been underused in the business sphere. Therefore they needed something unique and slick and due to their vision for the company, loose enough to future proof should the business expand to brand photography and social media management. 

The sans serif font with softened edges has a confident but friendly feel. The stencilled out sections on the V and A lead the eye in an upwards, forwards, positive direction - and by extending the second stroke of the V, we create a tick for success, an upward arrow and in combination a triangular, mountainous pinnacle to further support this sense of elevation & positivity.

The two coloured stripes nod to the fact Elevate is a two person team - the colour palette is energetic, contemporary and fresh (my husband noted these are his ideal t-shirt colours... I could see this branding working so well on branded apparel!) with the light blue strip reaching for the sky... blue sky... ultimate elevation.

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