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Graphic design

For businesses who need an agile designer to call on, I'm here for the ride. Whether it's a one off job, sporadic projects or you have ongoing graphic design needs, my service is flexible, efficient and delivers. No contracts. Monthly invoicing. 

Logo design & branding

A logo and brand that is fresh, inspired and lands with your customers needs to be strategically and conceptually focused. I offer a range of logo & branding packages with social media + Wix website add ons, so the whole piece works together ...

Design for social media + web

You're not a designer, so why are you losing hours of your life creating posts that don't seem to reach your audience. 

Find out more about my strategically focused social media design support. 

I also offer Wix website design if you need help making your branding work online.

Paper stock selection for printing graphic design by graphic designer Creative Bridge

Print services

I will tut tut you if we go creating some brand magic and you unravel it all with cheap, ill-considered printing! PLEASE let me manage the printing process for you - I have a range of quality printers for all budgets. Let's make your branding sing!


Beachlands, Auckland

+64 21 668 551

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