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Design for social media

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One off or regular posts

$150 NZD + GST |  £70 GBP per hour

I can design captivating, on brand posts for your company and provide them in all formats (Insta/Facebook posts and stories, Facebook header strips etc) as and when you need them. 

If regular posting is a challenge, we can work on a monthly retainer. You provide the content, ideas for posts (I can chip in here!), special events, offers or days and I'll whip em up!

4 post $75 + GST a month

8 posts $112.50 + GST a month

12 posts  $150 + GST a month

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Social media starter bundle

$450 NZD + GST  |  £210 GBP

If you're at a loss as to what to DO with your new logo or how to tell people about your company online in the best way possible - then this will make everything easy for you and make your new branding sing! 

You will get, at minimum, 25 social media posts and matching stories of on brand assets, images and communications. 

That is half a year's worth of weekly posts and marketing for your company!)


All the assets go into our shared dropbox folder.


Beachlands, Auckland

+64 21 668 551

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