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Giant evolution

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Previous logo

Autogiant logo.jpg

After 25 years in business, Auto Giant (QLD, Australia) was ready to make a big move, not only to a sizeable new location, but in its offering and therefore branding. The client had a desire for a more sophisticated brand that didn't leave its loyal customer base confused.


A wheel like graphic encompasses the typography and creates movement - a journey from a to b, but also a full circle journey with global/giant like connotations. Auto Giant is with you all the way. The sphere like graphic device works nicely to connect the Auto to the Giant, and ultimately focuses on the ‘i’ - the person, the customer. All the best, in once place. 

The green tones and oval sphere hark back to the original Auto Giant logo, referencing the well established and recognisable characteristics of a brand with 25 years history.

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