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Bute & CO

Bute & Co is a hip Welsh coffee shop and sandwich bar that launched in 2019. The Marquess of Bute is a famous title and the family that owned most of Cardiff and through the industrial revolution transformed it into the City it is today.

The brief from the General Manager of Hotel Indigo Cardiff, where this cafe resides, was very open - other than the description above, it was left to my imagination apart the main prerequiste "I would like the logo to be a sheep - not sure how that will work... ?"

The result, a playful logo bringing together the regal symbol of a shield, associated with the Bute name, and the Welsh sheep character already present at the adjoining Indigo Hotel.

The composition is strong and execution is soft, rounded and friendly, so the identity feels confident, playful and welcoming in line with their tone of voice.

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