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Excellence in L+D

The full kit and caboodle!

L+D Excellence is on a mission to support customers to be successful in business by getting the most out of their Xero subscription.

This was a full branding and web package starting from scratch! With a preference for clean and green being about the only the only requirements in the brief.

L + D not only stands for learning and development but also Lindsey & Danielle, two of the founders with extensive expertise in Xero and a passion to empower people to manage their cloud accounting with confidence and ease. The - + icon built from the L and D draw attention to these key company comms in the logo; numbers, improving and stepping up and are paired wtih a contemporary, friendly font which has selective ligatures connecting letters like a friendly, supporting hand on your shoulder.

The device is then woven into the printed stationery, workshop books, promotional materials and website branding both boldly in full graphic form and subtly through patterns. 

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