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In addition to designing local marketing for Foodco Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue NZ franchisees, I also work with the NZ marketing dept on the creative for national campaigns and promotions.

These range from seasonal themes, nationally/internationally significant days and promotions designed to drive sales. I designed the Muffin Break-Fast logo identity and creative in a matter of hours, and as this was then rolled out digitally with one A3 poster + shelf label strip per store, the results were very successful and financially far outweighed the investment in my time.

I even had the novel brief of designing a range of collectible muffin characters so Muffin Break could jump on the collectible craze for their kids meals. These were a hit! ...with facebook groups and swap meets that enabled people to collect the whole set.

Jamaica Blue is a really fun brand to work with. Rebranded in the last few years, it is bold, punchy and full of personality, for all that its mechanics are simple. I design the creative for all NZ stores and campaigns using assets from the styleguide.

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