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A mark
of permanence

My friend and client, Holly Baker, has begun a beautiful thing, and I was grateful to be able to bring the vision for her naturopathy business to life.

| in•del•i•ble | a mark of infinite permanence, a life long change.

Indelible wellness is about the lifelong pursuit of health through manageable and sustainable changes that make a lasting difference over time.

This branding needed to feel botanical (NOT the trendy botanical you're seeing all over instagram), approachable, knowledgeable and communicate the enduring mark that Holly’s support will leave on your health. The infinity symbol speaks to this, with the two little dots facing each other representing one on one support. The symbol blooms and grows into something floral yet molecular. This is natural health, based upon science.

Qualified and passionate with such personable delivery, I have no doubt Holly’s support will change many lives for the better!

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