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Boutique baby

Recently Kids Avenue (formerly kidsntoys) launched their new name, branding and website! 🎉 The business had evolved from selling mainly toys to encompass a WHOLE lot more, so its previous name and logo no longer reflected what it was about.

I’m their ideal target market, and with a clear ‘boutique shopping’ inspired brief, the logo and look for this came to life very quickly, and for the first time ever, I went straight in with this single concept to the client, knowing it hit the mark in all the ways. They entirely agreed and voilà! ☝🏼

Inspired by the famous and classic 5th Avenue sign, in shape as well as colour, a boutique hanging sign device houses a classic, friendly and approachable typeface. The unique hanging aspect of the logo creates a device to consistently range left as if hung from a wall, a recognisable brand characteristic which communicates elegance and heritage, and signals a high end shopping experience ahead!

Read more about the reasons for the rebrand on their website blog and while you’re at it, GO SHOPPING! Such a beautiful range of products from super cool brands we know and love.

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