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Modern, fresh,
not crafty.

Graphic design services:

logo design

branding design

Mend Assembly has been formed to provide permanent work spaces in our communities, that help people to re-engage with clothing and redefine habits. 

The brief was fairly open: clean, contemporary and to appeal to local practitioners, people interested in learning new skills around clothing in a social way and all members of the community who will increasingly seek services such as mending, clothes swap, alterations and custom made.

While this circular style of logo has been trending 2019/2020, the motive and meaning behind this logo are entirely authentic to its message. The sewing needle moonlights as a location pointer. The cross like composition of the group is inward focused, speaking of unity and collaboration whilst also reminding us of the end of cotton reel or the circular motion of a balance wheel on a sewing machine. The type works with the circle to communicate support, circularity and inclusivity.

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