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Pulse Collective, founded by Jens Hannibal and Michael Tingsager, is on a mission is to help you cook plant-based versions of your favourite meals in minutes. 100% NATURAL. 100% Plant-based. High in protein and fibre.

This logo design needed to have a heart and a pulse, both literally and figuratively. The brand character positioning in the briefing was 'the magician'. He takes the ordinary and turns it into gold. The alchemist. Turning the simple pulse into something sensational, delicious and nutritious. 


Colour palette was inspired by the beautiful bold but earthy tones of the pulse family, and typeface has a down to earth, energetic feel.

The branding journey swung back and forth between two quite different looks - one quite magical & medieval (not the chosen route but a favourite for me, see last concepts) and the one we landed on, with its pulsing chickpea heart - leading the way, inspiring change and creating gold!

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