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Social media support

Either you're not doing enough of it, or it's taking up too much of your precious time. Either way, I can help with these two options:

Starting with a questionnaire to help generate ideas and share imagery and content, I'll then create 25 posts and matching stories of on brand assets, images and communications. That's half a year's worth of weekly posts and marketing!

$240 NZD | £120 GBP

Or if you'd rather tackle things once a month, I can design captivating on brand posts for your business and provide them in all formats for Insta, Facebook and website including stories, matching Facebook header strips and homepage sliders.

PLANS: 4 post $60 a month

8 posts $90 a month

12 posts $120 a month


Either of these options will keep you consistent with social media and give you professional polish that stands out. Sign me up!


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