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Mend | Assembly Branding

It's been a great pleasure creating the branding with the team over in England, who founded this innovative and exciting venture, Mend Assembly

Mend Assembly has been formed to provide permanent work spaces in our communities, that help people to re-engage with clothing and redefine habits. We are a practical, solutionary response to clothing and fashion related issues facing every community; disappearing basic making skills, disappearing heritage skills, overconsumption, isolation of young people and also of practitioners, access to basic repair and alterations, access to slow fashion solutions such as swapping, upcycling and sustainable textile and design knowledge. 

The group wanted something clean and contemporary, and from their brief, keywords for bringing the vision to life were: circular, textile, sewing, practical, local, unity, membership, recycle and workspace.

I typically send 3 initial concepts through with my branding packages, but in this case there were 4. As usual, I showed the logo in black and white but then visualised it across various mediums for the client.


...and you can see route one was chosen with a few small tweaks requested by the team.

The final logo embodies sewing, unity, locality, environmental awareness and support.

We arrived at this symbol as the key logo with a landscape alternative including the tagline - L O C A L P R A C T I C E , G L O B A L P U R P O S E.

We worked hard at nailing the colour palette, with contemporary clear, bold colours based upon natural dyes and fabric associations.


Icons derived from the logo are useful tools for supporting brand messaging.


With my full branding package I supply comprehensive brand guidelines, including (if relevant) photographic style, which in this case is tactile, rich, natural and practical.

There are clear guidelines on logo usage and fonts included and what I love about this aspect of my package, is that the PDF lives in a shared Dropbox folder (so is always up-to-date and accessible for the client - no trawling through emails!) and is an ever evolving body of work as the brand is rolled out and each print or digital asset is added into the guide.

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