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"Work with the best talent in New Zealand or... ⁠work with an "expert" you find online."⁠

⁠Couldn't be prouder to have been invited to join - a New Zealand creative company directory & community. 'Like word of mouth, but better.' ⁠

At the risk of sounding like someone who's been in the biz too long, these days, everyone is a designer! There aren't many industries where you can launch yourself into a business or career with no quals or experience behind you. ⁠

I'm not knocking those success stories out there, I know there are a few, and those with true natural talent, but design is more that just making pretty pics. ⁠

There is strategy being every little decision, attention to incredible detail (my personal particularities - typography & balance!!!), and done right, design will connect a problem with a solution, a customer to a brand and add value to any business.⁠

I'm delighted to belong to a group of creatives who have been vetted for their quality of work and professionalism. Thank you

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